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One of the well known deities in Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is acknowledged as the bearer of immense power and strength. According to the belief, people who prays HanumanJi with full devotion and pure heart would surely get his blessings in all the spheres of life. His devotees recite Hanuman Chalisa Locket in order to get rid of all the woes in life and to seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings. Hanuman chalisa locket is a powerful yantra that helps you to get the divine grace of Lord Hanuman. Whosoever recites his prayer will experience extreme energy and could easily handle all evil situations in life. To make it all easy for Hanuman Ji’s devotees we brought you the amazing power of hanuman chalisa in a pendant. This Gold plated yantra is made up of metal allows that cast in positive energy in your life and also provides good health.

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About Hanuman Chalisa Yantra Locket

This beautiful hanuman chalisa yantra is the results of European researchers and is provided with glass lens. Wearing Hanuman pendant can bring you prosperity along with immense peace in your life. The pendent is engraved with Hanuman Chalisa at it back that can be easily viewed through the glass lens provided in it. You can always seek the bless of the ultimate deity through keeping this pendant near to your heart. This pedant helps in keeping all evil things away from you and your life.

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Features of Hanuman Chalisa Yantra Pendant

  • It is a wonderful pendant made with unique amalgamation of alloys.

  • Hanuman chalisa is written in small letters over the pendant but can be fully readable easily.

  • It also shows the picture of Panch Mukhi Hanuman Ji.

  • The pendant is engraved with Hanuman Chalisa from the back.

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Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa Pendant

  • The pendant helps you to memorize lord whenever you want to and wherever you are.

  • Hanuman Chalisa Yantra prevents you from all evils and mishaps.

  • This devotional pendant can brings incredible changes to various happenings in your life.

  • One can seek immense blessings of Lord Hanuman all the time through wearing the pendant.

Product Package Include

  • 1 Hanumanji pendant containing Hanuman Chalisa in legible format.

  • 1 Gold plated chain

hanuman chalisa yantra

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra Locket With Nano-Graphics Technology

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra Locket is now making a new with nano graphics. Like the term indicates a small place is used to its maximum for inscriptions. The pendent is made with shinning gold plated materials to add its luster. It will look impressive in everyone’s hands. People believe that with the blessing of Hanuman, they can save themselves from all kinds of sadness. Hanuman is also named as a lord, which keeps the troubles of people away. Yantra is a Sanskrit term which is usually used for certain religious inscriptions used to bring fortunes to people.

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is empowered with such powerful mool mantra that will bring a lot of positive energy to the life of people. The special design of the locket with a beautiful pebble like crystal in the middle of the forehead is a noticeable aspect. Very user who has faith in mythical features will definitely love to purchase this locket. The prayers to be uttered in the early morning and evening to praise lord Hanuman is also available with the locket. To grab the blessing of lord hanuman users can purchase this locket from authorized dealers as well. Impressive features and benefits of this special Hanuman Chalisa Yantra Locket can be felt by everyone who has faith in God. It will clear all misfortunes users face in their life and will aid them to stay blessed all the time.

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